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Connecting to The Hive

Taken from the UVa ITC website, the Hive is described as:

"Through the Hive, ITC provides the UVa community with a way to access specialized software programs from virtually anywhere, via the Internet.

The Hive uses a method called VMWare to deliver the software you need to you, on your own computer, in your dorm room, apartment or library, for free! This means:

No need to purchase expensive software licenses, and No need to go somewhere and wait to use a public computer with a certain application on it."

The Hive is especially useful when running programs such as MathCAD, or any other UVa software, from any computer without the need to download and install it.


There is an official ITC guide for connecting to the hive in linux, but I've found that this doesn't work (at least in Ubuntu 10.10). The easiest really is to install the "VMware View Open Client" package. In Ubuntu, this is done by either entering "sudo apt-get install vmware-view-open-client" or searching for it in Synaptic.


You can then run the VMware View Open Client, enter your UVa computing ID, your password, and select "ESERVICES". Then select the package that you want, and the size of the window you want it to open in. Your Hive connection should load!

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