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UVaLUG is the UVa (GNU/)Linux User's Group. You can find us on the IRC channel, #uvalug on freenode. If you don't know what IRC is, you can read about it here. Check back for updated information!

Connecting to the Hive

You can connect to the Hive in linux, a system run by ITC that allows you to use software licensed to the University from anywhere! Check it out at Hive Connection

Cavalier Wireless with Network Manager

If you use Gnome, Network Manager, or some variant of, the for Cavalier Wireless with Network Manager has been updated for 0.8~rc2, and yes it works with the secure cavalier. It's also easier to use than in the past; no more hacking your personal digital certificate with openssl.

Cavalier Wireless with Wicd

If you want to try another tool to connect to the secure network, check out the guide for Cavalier Wireless with Wicd.


Pages have been edited with updated categories. Currently, there are the following: How To's, Wireless, and Home Directory. Many pages lacked categories in the past, and most now have them.

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